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El Paso Thrive After 60

Live Active El Paso Is Helping Adults Live Healthier More Active Lives

Feb 01, 2023 12:16PM ● By El Paso Seniors Guide Staff
One thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us is how important our health is. We are continuing to navigate the aftermath of the pandemic, and focusing on the fitness and health of the community has become integral. The City of El Paso has initiated a local program to help the community, including adults over 55 years, to take better care of their overall wellness.

'Live Active EP' is an initiative to promote wellness, health, and healthy lifestyle choices among community members. We spoke to Diana Cepeda, the Senior Strategic Initiatives Coordinator of the City of El Paso, to understand more about this outstanding initiative. 

What are the goals and vision behind Live Active El Paso?
We wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle in the community, particularly the adult population. The pandemic made us realize the dire need for such a platform to help our community improve its health.

So, we created this city-wide movement to encourage wellness and health among citizens by offering easy access to physical activity programs, health classes, resources, and information for healthy nutrition and mental health. 

Live Active El Paso is a free community wide platform to improve this community's health and fitness levels. Following an active lifestyle would help our community members prevent and manage chronic health risks and diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. 

Since many are still trying to figure out how to get started, we offer free activities provided by community partners to provide guidance that makes it easy for everyone to take charge of their health.  

How can adults over 55 benefit from this initiative?
We organize various free activities and events for multiple age groups, especially older adults. Adults in the community can participate in mental health wellness exercises, nutritional classes, fitness sessions and more specially designed for that age group.

What are some of the specific events for adults 55+? 
The events and activities in Live Active EP keep getting updated depending on the needs of the community to ensure engagement. Some of the classes that are popular with our mature population include ‘Brain Games’ for enhanced mental health and nutrition classes, like 'Fresh Start to a Healthier You' and 'Healthier Carbohydrates.' Some popular fitness classes include Yoga, Low Impact Zumba Blast, and Aqua Strength. 

Where are these events held, and how can people find out more information?
These classes and events are organized throughout the city at recreational centers, community partner locations, senior centers, and city libraries. There is an official website for Live Active EP at  where people can view a calendar of the events and sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and reminders of weekly events. We send regular emails that include upcoming events and classes and how to sign up for them. 

For More Information about Live Active El Paso:
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Instagram Page: @liveactiveep