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Take The Medicare Quiz! Test Your Knowledge Before Enrolling

Oct 06, 2022 10:35AM ● By El Paso Seniors Guide Staff
Take this short Medicare quiz to test your knowledge so you can make the best decisions about your coverage.

After you have completed the quiz and if you have questions or would like to learn about 2023 benefits, we invite you to read about the trusted local agents and health plans below that are proud sponsors of El Paso Seniors Guide. Call them, they are here to help.


1. When does Medicare open enrollment start and end in 2022?

A. November 1 - December 15
B. October 15 - December 31
C. October 15 - December 7
D. October 1 - December 15

2. Why should you review your current coverage?

A. It is important to check and make sure that all of your prescriptions are still covered in your Part D plan.
B. There may be new plans added in your area.
C. Some plans could no longer be available.
D. Copays, deductibles and premiums can change.
E. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, you should check if the services you need are covered and the providers are part of the plan.
F. All of the above

3. What kind of changes can you make to your Medicare coverage during open enrollment?

A. You may switch from a Medicare Advantage plan to Original Medicare plus add a Part D drug plan if you don’t have prescription drug coverage.
B. You can change from having Original Medicare with a Part D plan to a Medicare Advantage plan that can include medical and drug coverage
C. You are able to switch your current Part D prescription drug plan or Medicare Advantage plan to another plan that better fits your needs
D. All of the above

4. Do you have to reenroll if your current Medicare plan is meeting your needs?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Possibly, depending if you've recently been prescribed new drugs or depending on your current plan. 

5. If you change plans plan during open enrollment, when will your new coverage begin?

A. Immediately
B. January 1, 2023
C. Exactly one month after the day you enroll.
D. 15 days after you enroll


Answer #1 = C, Medicare enrollment is October 15, 2022 through December 7, 2022. You can make changes to your health and drug plans during this period.
Answer #2 = F, All of the above
Answer #3 = D, All of the above
Answer #4 = B, No if you want to stay in the plan you have you don’t need to do anything. You will be automatically reenrolled. But we do recommend that you review your plan at this time with your healthcare agent. 
Answer #5 = B, January 1, 2023

The following local agents and companies specialize in senior care health plans and are available in El Paso to help you with all of your Medicare enrollment questions. Call them to learn about all the many available benefits that could be available to you such as dental, vision, medical, transportation, fitness programs and more.

Michelle Davila Insurance - Senior Care Health Plans - 5535 Alameda Ave Suite A El Paso TX

Michelle Davila Insurance - Senior Care Health Plans

We are El Paso's #1 ranked agency assisting seniors in finding a Medicare health plan. We specialize in helping you select a Medicare Health Plan and Obamacare. We help and answer questions without cost to you... Read More » 


El Paso Health Advantage Dual SNP - 1145 Westmoreland Drive El Paso TX

El Paso Health Advantage Dual SNP

We are your local Medicare Advantage plan that offers additional benefits than the original Medicare. Click to see the many additional benefits offered.  Read More » 


Humana Insurance - Karla Ortega Licensed Agent - 1188 N Yarbrough Drive Ste O El Paso TX

Humana Insurance - Karla Ortega, Licensed Agent

I am a local licensed Humana sales agent in El Paso, TX. I specialize in Medicare and committed to partnering with you to find the health benefits plan that best fit your needs. At Huma... Read More » 


Elsa Rivera Insurance - 1452 N Zaragoza Rd Ste A 500 El Paso TX

Elsa Rivera Insurance - Obamacare and Medicare

Are you or someone you care about turning 65 years old? Call us today and learn about the different costs of medicare and Obama care! Read More »