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Mission Hearing Is On A Mission To Enhance The Lives Of Seniors Through Hearing Aids

Sep 01, 2022 09:48AM ● By El Paso Seniors Guide Staff

Hearing problems, when left untreated, can get worse with time. These can be commonly caused by disease, noise, or aging. It is particularly a concern with seniors as this drastically impacts their overall lifestyle and well-being. 

Fortunately, hearing aids and other solutions can treat or manage hearing issues. If you are experiencing hearing difficulties, consulting an experienced hearing aid center is a significant first step toward improving your health. 

Mission Hearing Aid Center assists seniors in improving their hearing to connect with their loved ones and improve their overall quality of life. They offer hearing aid repair, diagnostic hearing evaluations, tinnitus treatment options, and hearing aids in El Paso. 

The business was founded by Daniel Martinez, a licensed hearing instrument specialist, based on his own hearing loss experience. He has been working in the hearing health care industry and conducting hearing evaluations and tests for 31 years. 

As a hearing aid user, Daniel has first-hand experience with the difficulties faced by individuals battling hearing issues. He started his hearing aid center to give patients with hearing problems and their families better education, customer service, and technology at affordable prices.   

Daniel believes people want to reconnect with their loved ones but not hearing them with ease can create challenges for them and even isolate them from their families. He says the company first and foremost aims to reconnect individuals with their families by offering them high-quality, affordable hearing aids.

The team’s mission is to focus more on educating the patients and their families and recommending the best hearing aid solution after conducting the right hearing test in El Paso. The facility is equipped with innovative equipment and an experienced team that utilizes best practices to test, identify, and treat hearing issues. 

Focus and Mission  

Mission Hearing Aid Center focuses on educating seniors about hearing loss and how it can impact their lives. Since hearing loss affects everyone differently, Daniel and his team provide personalized education and treatments for every patient. The center believes the more education seniors have on hearing aids and the available technology, the better decision they can make in selecting the right hearing aid.

The center offers comprehensive video otoscopic exams, hearing tests, tinnitus assessments, and hearing aids in El Paso. They also provide hearing aid repair, custom molds for hearing and ear protection, hearing aid fittings, and evaluations.

The center provides all senior patients who are experiencing hearing issues with a free hearing evaluation. The team conducts a free video analysis of the ear canal of the patient, a screening test, and a consultation on the first visit. 

After the hearing aid fitting, the center also provides follow-up care to ensure long-term ease from hearing issues. They make sure the hearing aids are working efficiently, and the patients are satisfied with them.  

The services offered at Mission Hearing Aid Center include:

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

The team conducts a complete examination that includes determining the hearing ability of the patients through multiple high and low-frequency words. These hearing evaluations determine the patient's hearing loss level and ability to understand speech. It allows the team to determine the best hearing aids for every patient.  

Custom Earplugs and Ear Molds 

The team creates customized earplugs and ear molds based on the specifications of their ear contours. This ensures the hearing aid fits perfectly. 

Hearing Aid Fitting

The hearing aid prescribed by the specialist is programmed and fitted based on the hearing issues of the individual patients. Adjustments will be made to ensure the patient can easily make the most of the hearing aid. 

Hearing Aid Repair

The team identifies the issue with the hearing aid and conducts the repair for minor hearing aid problems in the office setting, and sends it to the manufacturer for major repair issues.

Live Speech Mapping

Real-time speech and probe microphones are used during live speech mapping, allowing patients and their loved ones to experience the benefits of fitting adjustments and hearing aids. 

Musician Earplugs and Monitors

Since musicians are exposed to loud sounds for a prolonged duration, it increases their risk of hearing damage. Mission Hearing Aid Center offers customized devices for musicians to decrease their sound exposure. 

Tinnitus Treatment Options

Tinnitus evaluation is conducted to determine whether the patient has tinnitus and how it impacts their lives. After the evaluation, the team recommends the best possible solution that meets the needs of patients. 

Cell Phone Accessories

Customized ear molds are designed for hands-free, Bluetooth-compatible devices and cell phone headrests for enhanced hearing.  

What Makes Mission Hearing Aid Center, El Paso Different? 

Hearing difficulties can be stressful for seniors. Mission Hearing Aid Center aims to educate patients and their families on how to easily manage their hearing problems. The team thoroughly evaluates the problem and finds an appropriate solution. 

Daniel and his team provide customized fitting and programming of the hearing aids in El Paso, ensuring patient satisfaction. The center focuses on thorough evaluations and customer satisfaction. The main focus is to provide the best possible care for the seniors in El Paso dealing with hearing issues. 

For more details, you can get in touch with them today.